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I am a director and principal consultant (and part owner) of a small UK company, Corking Project Limited.

Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2006, Corking Project is an independent project management business. We aim to deliver excellence in IT and robotic system integration in sectors that include manufacturing, distribution and telecommunications.

What do I bring to Corking Project Ltd?

My 16 years of experience of automation projects are brought to bear on clients' tough system integration problems. Document tracking, material control, voice infrastructure, database servers and more—I write up the specification, define the budget, manage the risks and issues, and hand systems over to delighted users.

Project Management Subject Group

Believe it or not, I learned the core disciplines of both project management and automation in the chemical engineering profession. I still use the seminars and publications of Project Management Subject Group of the IChemE as a key part of my professional development. So I attempt to contribute as a committee member, looking after the budget and occasionally updating the website. If you are or will be a project manager, please consider joining our 300-strong group and its committee.